Reefs Restaurant and Cat5 Bar

Welcome to Reefs Restaurant and Cat5 Bar

Reef’s Restaurant is a fully licensed restaurant with an extensive menu and is only open to Motel guests and their guests only.

Reef’ Restaurant and Cat 5 Bar offers motel guests an excellent Innisfail dining experience with:

  • Fully licensed venue
  • Open Monday – Thursday evenings 6.00pm – 7.30pm
  • Extensive menu with Vegetarian, Vegan and food intolerance options
  • Separate areas include – bar, dining room, outside garden setting and main restaurant for functions, conferences, workshops and special occasions (bookings essential).
  • Easy street parking and access to the restaurant

Reef's Restaurant

Restaurant Booking Enquiry

Restaurant Booking Enquiry

07 4061 4988

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Room Service Only

Monday – Friday 6.30am – 8.00am

Saturday/Sunday 7.00am – 9.00am

Please see reception if you would like to place an order (prior to 7pm the evening before).

Fruit                                                                        4.50
• Banana   • Peaches

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad
Large serve                                                           12.90

Cereal (served with milk)                                  6.50
• Sultana Bran • Weetbix   • Just Right   • Muesli

Cereal, Yoghurt & Fruit                                     18.50
• Muesli • Just Right • Weetbix • Sultana Bran
Served with your choice of banana, peach slices or seasonal fruit

Toast & Condiments (2 slices with butter)    6.50
Choose from your favourite bread:
• White • Multigrain • Raisin • Gluten Free  • Sourdough
All served with your choice of spreads:
• Honey • Vegemite • Jam • Marmalade

Take away Continental Breakfast packs are also available, starting at $18.50 each.

Bacon & Eggs                                                       16.90
With grilled tomato & toast

Eggs on Toast                                                      12.50

Sausages & Eggs                                                 15.90
With grilled tomato & toast

BRM Big Breaky                                                  23.00
Eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, tomato & mushrooms on toast

Eggs Benedict                                                      19.50
Your choice of ham or bacon, with spinach, poached
eggs & hollandaise, & served on toast

Ham, Eggs & Avocado                                        17.90
With grilled tomato & toast

Eggs, Tomato & Avocado                                  15.50
Served on toast

Avocado, Bacon & Lime                                   19.50
Served on toast

Eggs, Avocado, Bacon & Lime                         24.50
Server on toast

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich                     14.90
With BBQ sauce

Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie                    12.90

Additional Extras                                                 4.50

All Hot dishes are served with your choice of:

• Sourdough • White • Multi Grain • Gluten Free

Eggs done your preferred way
• Poached • Fried • Scrambled

Long Black                                                             5.50

Espresso                                                                 5.50

Cappuccino                                                            5.50

Caffè Latte                                                             5.50

Flat White                                                               5.50

Hot Chocolate                                                       5.50

Earl Grey                                                                 5.50

English Breakfast                                                 5.50

Green                                                                       5.50

Juices                                                                       5.50
• Orange • Apple • Pineapple • Tomato

Evening meals

Monday – Thursday 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Garlic Bread (Veg)                                             6.50

Cheesy Garlic (Veg)                                           6.50

Soup of the Day                                                12.90

Spring Rolls (veg)                                                 9.50
Vegetable spring rolls cooked until golden & served with a soy ginger dipping sauce

Lemon Pepper Calamari (GF)                          10.50
Strips of calamari dusted in a crisp lemon pepper coating then cooked until golden & served with a lime emulsion

Garlic Prawns (GF)                                             16.50
Tiger prawns sauteed in a garlic, white wine & cream sauce & served with steamed jasmine rice

Crumbed Prawn Cutlets                                  10.50   

Prawn & Avocado Salad (GF)                             29.50
Grilled tiger prawns on a bed of garden fresh salad with sliced avocado & finished with a seafood sauce

Prawn & Chilli Spaghetti                                  28.90
Tiger prawns tossed with olive oil, lime juice, cherry tomatoes, shallots & spinach

Crumbed Steak                                               28.50

Aussie Steak Parmy                                       30.00

300g Rib                                                             36.50
Served with a fresh garden salad, beer battered chips and a sauce of your choice:
• Mushroom • Gravy • Pepper • Dianne

400g Rump                                                        36.50
Served with a fresh garden salad, beer battered chips and a sauce of your choice:
• Mushroom • Gravy • Pepper • Dianne

Garlic Prawns (GF)                                               8.90

Garlic Prawns and Calamari (GF)                     8.90

Lemon Pepper Calamari (GF)                            8.90

Sweet Chilli Mango Prawns and                       8.90

Calamari (GF) 

Fish of the Day                                                30.90
Grilled, Crumbed, or Battered fish, garden salad & beer battered chips, served with your choice of sauce:
• Lemon pepper • garlic (GF) • tartare (GF) • chilli mango (GF)

Fisherman’s Basket                                       31.50
Battered fish of the day, crumbed butterflied prawn cutlets and lemon pepper calamari. Served with tartare sauce.

Barker’s Creek Pork Cutlet                            35.00
Flame grilled cutlet served with a dollop of fruit & walnut chutney then drizzled with a rich gravy

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets                                   33.50
Cooked until golden & served with a red wine jus on the side

Grilled Chicken (GF)                                         28.50
Butterflied grilled chicken breast served with a sauce of your choice:
• Chilli Mango (GF) • Gravy • Pepper • Dianne

BRM Super Chicken Parmy                             32.50

Chicken Schnitzel                                              28.50

Bangers, Mash, Peas & Gravy                      26.50
Served with steamed vegetables

Rissoles, Mash, Vegies & Gravy                   26.50
Served with mashed potato and steamed vegetables

Beer Battered Chips (veg)                               6.50

Potato Mash (GF, veg)                                       5.50

Steamed Vegetables (GF, veg)                        6.50

Garden Fresh Salad (GF, veg)                          6.50

Sticky Date Pudding                                          12.00
Warm sticky date pudding drizzled with a rich butterscotch sauce & served with vanilla bean ice cream

Ice Cream                                                               8.50
Your choice of vanilla bean or chocolate ice cream

Banana Split                                                        13.00
Banana and vanilla bean ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream, crushed nuts, crispy wafers and drizzled with chocolate topping

Locally grown and roasted Madella coffee

Long Black                                                              5.50

Espresso                                                                  5.50

Cappuccino                                                             5.50

Caffè Latte                                                              5.50

Flat White                                                                5.50

Hot Chocolate                                                        5.50

Earl Grey                                                                 5.50

English Breakfast                                                 5.50

Green                                                                       5.50

All mains served with either your choice of Mashed potato and Vegies or Chips and Salad

James Boag’s Premium Light


Carlton Mid

Great Northern Crisp

XXXX Bitter

Hahn Super Dry

Pure Blonde Premium

Great Northern Original

Coopers Pale Ale

James Boag’s Premium






Canadian Club

Black Douglas


Famous Grouse

Chivas Regal


Captain Morgan Rum




Bundaberg Rum & Cola

Jim Beam & Cola

Jack Daniels & Cola

Canadian Club & Dry

Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Strongbow Cider Apple

Strongbow Cider Pear

Vodka Cruisers

Softdrink Cans
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta, Lemon
Squash, Lemonade & Ginger Ale

Mixed Non-Alcoholic Bottles
Ginger Ale, soda water, tonic water

Lemon lime & Bitters

Ginger Beer Bottles

Sarsaparilla Bottles

Sparkling Mineral Water Bottles

Orange, Apple, Pineapple, Tomato

House Whites (by the Glass)
Chardonnay / Sauvignon Blanc / Moscato

House Red (by the Glass)
Shiraz / Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon